Mission / Vision

a new approach to treat blood cancers

Mission Vision

At Modiblast, we concentrate our efforts on achieving an ambitious goal: to make the best possible use of our mightiest ally in the fight against blood cancer, the immune system. We strongly believe in its potential to control the disease with minimal side effects, which will greatly improve the lives of many patients.

To accomplish this goal, we work together with physicians at top institutions as well as patient interest groups. Ultimately, we strive to offer new therapy options which are both easy-to-use and benefit patients by extending the remission phase/stopping further progress of the disease.

We exploit a novel combination of tried and tested substances that are already approved for use in humans and are also naturally produced by the body itself.

We are open to any meaningful cooperation, partnership, or joint venture that will allow us to accelerate the further development of this in vivo immunotherapy and bring it to patients as soon as possible. Their well-being is central to everything we do.