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Investment Case

Modiblast is an early phase company in the field of oncology at the verge of entering into clinical stages. By repurposing known substances, we have successfully de-risked very important issues like safety and tolerability. In an off-label use scenario, where a patient has received a full cycle of treatment, our approach has shown efficacy in the complete human biological system.

Compared to other ventures in the field of oncology, our strategy promises a faster path to approval and does not depend on a complex infrastructure like many of the cell therapies under development. Therefore, a relatively modest investment may make a large step towards approval.

To further de-risk the project, the planned proof-of-concept trial could be split into a dose escalation and a single arm extension part. Taken together, Modiblast is a very attractive investment opportunity with a relatively low initial valuation and immense upside potential within a comparably short time frame (possibly less than 5 years).